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Our Vision

We want to nurture football talent in the country by providing an environment that inspires young players to be self-motivated and contribute positively to the sport. We want to develop world class facilities to achieve our vision, and ensure that promising players have access to the best coaching, training and support. We want to be an integral part of developing football in the country, and making India a globally competitive football nation.

Our Mission

Sreenidi Deccan Football Club identifies promising football talent in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and India and helps them develop their skills to achieve their potential. We have multiple plans for footballers of different age groups and skill levels, to develop a pipeline of players at multiple levels of skill and experience. We help our players develop not just as great footballers but also as good students and citizens. We provide expert services, training and advice to our players and ensure that participant experience of the academy is both rewarding and enjoyable

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