Allow me to tell about Korean guy dating

My boyfriend Kevin and I also sought out for the and, during that time, we fought until we got sick of it year. We fought concerning the stupid things all couples battle about, nevertheless the thing that is main came between us had been a thing that other partners probably don’t suffer from. We constantly argued about whether I happened to be too Americanized.

Kevin and I also both found the U.S from Korea 5 years ago. We had different points of view on everything although we had this in common. He’d ask me why i really couldn’t end up like other girls that are korean. For most things, and think his way instead of my way if I were a “real” Korean girl, I would listen to him when he told me to do something, depend on him. Him, we would have another fight when I didn’t agree with. If you ask me, he had been too Korean and too narrow minded. He declined to just accept any tradition except his or her own, in which he constantly thought his method ended up being the way that is only.

We consume Korean meals, I talk Korean, i’ve respect for my moms and dads as Koreans have, I celebrate Korean vacations and old-fashioned days. We also joined the Korean Club in school, to ensure I am able to keep my traditions with my buddies.

But I have come to love certain customs from other cultures since I came to this country. As an example, we look at method my Hispanic buddies welcome people who have love. They kiss and hug if they state “hello,” and I also love this. (In Korea, folks are so much more formal; they just shake fingers and bow to one another away from respect.) Therefore I began kissing my buddies from the cheek too.

Kevin didn’t similar to this, and I was told by him so. He also asked me to quit it. I did son’t wish to, it anyway but not as much so I did. In the future, he said to not ever kiss and hug other folks. We asked him why, in which he told me which he didn’t want it and that other Koreans didn’t act the way in which i did so. He couldn’t accept it.

Korean males prefer to tell their spouses and girlfriends what you should do. Kevin would always let me know simple tips to dress and exactly how to behave in front side of other people. I was wanted by him to keep next to him on a regular basis. I might whine that I became maybe not his small model and that he couldn’t just order me personally around.

You therefore Americanized? once I would opposed to their wishes, Kevin would state, “Why are” we didn’t understand how to respond to that. He stated i have to be ashamed of my country and my tradition to behave the means we did. I became surprised, and I was hurt by it poorly. I happened to be maybe maybe not ashamed of my nation or tradition. I am happy with being a Korean. I recently desire to accept other cultures, too.

We can’t deny that I often behave like A united states, wanting to become more separate and outbound than many other girls that are korean. But I nevertheless behave like a Korean, too. I would like to opt for the movement, and that doesn’t imply that We don’t like my personal tradition. i’m attempting to balance two cultures. Through my boyfriend, a chance was got by me to give some thought to whom i truly am. We discovered that We am a Korean plus a us, too.

Sue ended up being 17 whenever she wrote this tale.

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