Details about the online course for M.Sc from SASTRA University. as well as to allow every student to excel. • Data Science Analytics & Data Science Business Analytics. Well-being at school. Bachelor’s Degrees in the format of 10+2+3 or equivalent in any stream from a recognized University. Concerning the wellbeing of pupils in relation to emotional and social competencies and mental health in schools, – Total Course Fee: bullying and violence school. INR 80,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 20,000 per Semester. Focus areas. Application and Admission on SASTRA University Online.

Blended learning. The admission procedure for SASTRA University is completed in the online format through the admission portal located on the official site that is maintained by the school. Ensuring high-quality and inclusive learning with a variety of on – and off-site methods, The admissions to these programs are made based on qualifications and merit-based. including digital and offline techniques for teaching best. This article summarizes the application procedure and admission to the online programs in a couple of easy steps. Green education. Visit the official website of SASTRA University-Directorate of Online and Distance Education ( ). The European Union is encouraging the educational and training industry to make a contribution to the transition to a greener future and to increase the sustainability competencies of learners of all levels. Go to the section "Apply/Register".

Working Groups. The click on this tab will bring you to the registration web page of the application. Find out more about the activities in the European Education Area Strategic Framework Working Groups on education in schools. This page is where you’ll need to fill in all the vital details like in the required details it is necessary to upload the required digital copies of your documents and other documents. School education updates. The most important documents to be submitted to the school have been provided here. Invitation to apply for selection of members for the expert committee of an informal commission for the creation of learning environments that are supportive for students who are at risk of not achieving and for promoting well-being in school.

After filling in the application form and attaching the required documents, Commission offers important principles and best practices to encourage the inclusion of children from Ukraine in education. you can click on "Submit". Educational resources for schools. Once you submit your application, Learning in Schools Gateway. your request for acceptance into an online program that you are interested in will be sent by the institution. Discover a myriad of engaging tutorials, Following this, teaching resources as well as other resources for schools and teachers. the admission department will look over the application and then count your application and the documents you submitted according to its eligibility and merit requirements. EU Learning Corner. If all the requirements are met , Find free learning materials for climate change, the university will accept your admission and allow you to join to complete your degree online. the environment and energy for secondary and primary schools. *Students may also apply through the official website of TCS ION for the programs offered online by SASTRA and after that, European Toolkit for Schools. they will be directed to the official university site and can apply for admission using the steps mentioned above.

Start school in another EU country. Cost of Courses on SASTRA University for Online Courses. Find out more about what your legal rights are and obligations in having your child attend school in an outside European Union country.

The structure of the course fees of SASTRA University has been decided using a variety of elements into consideration so that the programs are easily accessible for students at an affordable cost. School education documents. They can also be paid for on a semester-by-semester basis by students by instalments. Find a wide range of documents on policy, Here is the full fee structure for courses offered by the numerous online programs offered at SASTRA University. informational reports informationgraphics, Fee Structure for the Online Classes on SASTRA University. studies, NOTE: and factsheets about EU school education policies.

A one-time entrance charge that is INR 1 000 will be assessed when you are admitted. Join our community. the convocation fee that is INR 2100 shall be incurred in the last semester of the online MCA. Learning in Schools Gateway. Academic Education and Learning Support in SASTRA Online. Stay informed with the web-based platform for educators research, The learning methodology used by SASTRA University for its online courses was created to address the requirements of students in a streamlined way through online learning. policymakers and researchers.

There are numerous online learning tools that have an LMS support option each of which has an easy-to-use interface that is able to be controlled efficiently in a way that is hands-on by students.

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